can someone assist me with graphics in rust?

I have a MacBook pro 13 inch retina display and before you all say “loser u have a mac!” I want to ask a question. I realize macs are not made for gaming but my mom wanted me to get it. I don’t really know the specs but I know it has 4gb of ram. I was just wondering what settings I could set on rust to decrease the lag. I have the render quality all the way down, I have v-sync on and I always turn of grass and do gfx.all false. I was just wondering if there is any commands that could make me lag less. Thanks!

You could try reducing the screen resolution and see if that helps. There is an issue with graphics performance running on OS X at the moment, which the devs are working on.

Currently, you can only change resolution, render quality, and a few console settings to up your frame rate. Here is a basic list of items I find most useful.

Resolution: When starting Rust from steam, consider using windowed mode and a resolution just smaller than your screen when you are new to the game. You won’t get as much immersion out of it, but it will make referencing the internet or this guide for help much easier.

Frame Rate Tips: To improve framerate, here are a few things you can try.

  1. press F1 to open your console when connected to a server. Type “grass.on false” without the quotation marks.

  2. Change the video quality settings. This must be done before you connect to a server. Start the game, click Options, change the Graphics “Render Quality” to something lower, then click apply changes. Then log into your favorite server.

  3. Lower your Startup Resolution: If the first two options don’t make the game playable, you probably need to play the game at a lower resolution. Do this when you first start the game from steam, by changing the resolution in the resolution drop down menu before you press play.

  4. Lower Anti-Aliasing: Turn down the Anti-Aliasing of your video card in the video card settings or game profile in your video card software to 2x.

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