Can someone build collision model for my rag doll ?

the model is a dragon i have rigged it up i just need someone to create a collision model for it

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what is happening is when i spawn it the ragdoll spazzes out

any one ?

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I won’t make the physics model for you, I’m too busy at the moment. However I can tell you how to make one yourself. Collision models are fairly easy, just make a simple shape over each bone you want to use and then rig each shape to the proper bone. It has to be a 1-1 rig ratio with no smooth blends. Then you add

$collisionjoints physicssmdgoeshere {

	$mass 25.0
	$inertia 10.00
	$damping 0.00
	$rotdamping 4.00
	$rootbone "rootbonegoeshere"

To the QC. Then go into the SDK, go to Model Viewer, and load up your model. Then go into the “physics” tab, go through the dropdown bar and go through each bone and set up the limits by moving the min and max slider and use the test slider to make sure it looks alright. Then hit “Generate QC”, go back to your QC and paste it at the bottom, remove the extra $sequence and the extra $collisionjoints. Recompile and it should now have proper ragdoll physics.

Hope this helps.

You are a hero

i have been trying and it just keeps spazzing can someone just do a basic one for me please ?

Make sure your physics objects aren’t colliding with each other. Perhaps you could take a picture of your physics model so I could give some pointers?

I am using the same model and cutting it into pieces with gaps so the physics does not collide must the faces not have holes in ?

Build the physmodel out of primitives. Any joint that you want to be physics enabled, remake it with a primitive tool, like a box or cylinder or sphere, whatever is closest in shape. The lower poly your physmodel is, the better.

There is also a maximum of 32 physics enabled joints allowed per ragdoll, but I wouldn’t push that limit too much.

I also suggest $noselfcollision, which makes the model even more flexible for posing.

now i get this error when compiling Rotation constraint on bone “Spine2” which has no parent

Did you bind anything to the pelvis bone in your physmodel?

there is no pelvis added i parented the thigh bones to the spine2

Double check your weight painting, make sure all of the bones have at least some weight painting on the physics model.

the phys mesh has been weight painted

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Argh found it root bone needed to be parented

ok i did the phys mesh and its still spazzing

here is the phys mesh

Can someone please help me or check the model out ?

Fixed now