Can someone claim copyright on a Game mode Category?

Same as the title: “Can someone claim copyright on a Game mode Category?” Say if someone made a darkrp and renamed it RockRP, and another person with a different gamemode also named the gamemode RockRP. Is it allowed? Thanks.

I doubt there would be copyright on a name like “RockRP”. But no, I don’t think anyone would be able to copyright a simple thing like a gamemode title, nor would anyone want to.

No it’s not allowed and stop trying to spread your cancer.

A gamemode can be copyrighted, not the category it is in. For example Perp is copyrighted, although not much is stopping me from putting TTT in the Perp category, it’s just frowned upon.

Alright thanks guys.

You can’t copyright a name, but a name can be trademarked. It can’t be something of standard language which is why Toys are us isn’t trademarked, but the same “name” with a backwards R was.