Can someone convert some mdl's to smd's for me?

I’m afraid i can’t do it myself because of lack of disk space can’t install required game/files…
So i ask, Can someone convert some mdl’s to smd’s for me?

What i want is the physics gun(from hl2). The portal gun(from portal, durr). And if available a 9mm gun(from hl2). :slight_smile:
(i would supply the files myself, but i’m not sure what i what)
(and be sure to supply the textures with it too)

Some pointers:


This should be what you wanted

-HL2 pistol
-Gravity gun

  • Portal gun

With the material sheets

Thanks! Just what I was needed!

Could you also give me a combine officer and the weighted companion cube? That would be great. :slight_smile:

Thanks. That was fast. :smiley: