Can someone create these russian vehicles for gmod please???

BMP-1, BMP-2, BMP-3, BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80, BTR-90, T-90, T-80u, GAZ 66, GAZ 2975( with mounted KORD 50cal hmg with shield) mil mi 28 havoc, mil mi 8 hip and mil mi 24 hind can someone please make these realistic and ragdolls with cool different camos? and make sure the helicopters got both models as landed and flying :slight_smile:

You’re asking for a lot of work for nothing in return, you’re better off just looking for existing models.

Here’s a bunch of stuff that might help you since you didn’t seem to think of searching before requesting.

There’s a BMP-2 and T-80u in here with a few skins for camouflage

This has an MI-24, MI-8, and what i think might be an MI-28.

Here’s a T-90

There’s a GAZ 2975 here.

There’s a BTR of some sort in here, it says it’s an 80 but looks like a 90.

There’s a BTR-80 in here but it’s a huge pack. I think there’s also a GAZ-66 in one of the STALKER model packs, but i don’t think it’s in this one.

well actually i allready got ALL of these exept of the gaz 2975 but im looking for better models and it’s an btr-80 not an 90 and the stalker pack is an btr-60 but the t-90 is cool exept from that the tracks goes threw the ground so its annoying when im looking at it and posing it, i’ve been searching for all of these modelsfor like an month and i can’t find ‘‘realistic’’ ones and i don’t know how to make anything in return if someone would actually make any of these request

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thanks for the gaz 2975 though! i mostly want the BTR-90 and T-90 so ain’t it easier if someone could just at least port the BTR-90 and T-90 from ghost recon future soldier?

No it is not easier. FloaterTwo is right, porting models is time consuming and a pain in the ass.

The BTR-70 can be found here:

I don’t believe the BMP-1 is in any video games. A better BMP-2 can be found here:

The BMP-3 is found it BF2: SF and in ARMA II (Bohemia forbids porting from ARMA).

The BTR-60 is found in Black Ops, but has not been ported.

Multiple HD T-90’s can be found here: and here

A KAMAZ truck that looks a lot like the GAZ-66 can be found here: