Can someone do a personal model/skin for me?

Well the gist of this thread is in the title. Most of the model I have in mind is from Grand Theft Auto IV, so please reply/offer to help if you know how to get things from the game. And as seeing I don’t own the game for PC and I lack the skill to do this myself that is why I ask. Now, let’s get down to brass tacks.

• For the head, I was thinking Male_02. But I would like the hair to be longer and darker, and If possible, no facial hair. (I feel no picture is needed, as most know what male_02 looks like)
• Face/eye posing is a necessity as well.

• For the shirt, I would like the black flight jacket that you can get as Niko in the Russian Shop (As seen in the picture below).

•As for the hands, I would like for the fingers to be seperated(that’s a given :v:), and have black fingerless gloves.

• For the pants, I would like to have the Blue Jeans from the Modo shop in Grand Theft Auto IV.

•And as for the shoes, I happen to know that there are shoes that resemble Converse All Stars in the game that the pedestrians have. I would like the black ones please. (I would post a reference pic from the game, but I can’t find one :v:)

Thanks a ton ahead of time, and I really hope someone can do this for me.

Anyone want to help a fellow Facepunch’r and take a crack at this? Please help me with this, again I’d do it myself, but again, I don’t have the game on pc or the necessary skills.