Can someone explain this?

I heard that all snpc’s were broken.
entities with player models arent broken?

What is the difference?

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An SNPC isn’t just one thing, it basically means any NPC that doesn’t use default HL2 NPC code, as in the combine, rebels, or major character AI. For example, the zombies in the gamemode Vein are SNPCs because they use a custom base, Silverlan’s Fallout and Skyrim SNPCs are also SNPCs because he made a custom base. Hell, a watermelon that rolls around, attacks when necessary, and heals, is an SNPC. An SNPC is a loose term and it doesn’t require a specific model, function, or what have you.

That being said, an entity can be an SNPC if given the illusion of free choice and intelligence. Not all SNPCs are broken, not all entities are broken, not all NPCs are broken. Certain parts of certain modules of certain addons of certain SNPCs may be broken, for example the navigator.dll, but not all of them are broken by any means.

I have an addon that is an snpc that sells cars on my server and it doesnt work so I guess those are broken

That would barely constitute being an SNPC since it’s just an entity that opens a derma when used, more like an ATM than an NPC by most means. It’s a simple fix, chances are there’s a small issue, maybe pertaining to isValid() or something along those lines.

Not exactly. SNPC stands for scripted non-player character. An snpc is no more than an npc that has been coded with lua.