Can someone explain to me why this returns false? (Vector:WithinAABox)

CheckVec = Vector(826, -1575, -115)
Vec1 = Vector(738, -1409, -16)
Vec2 = Vector(895, -1791, -143)

Unless I’m stupid, this should return true. It is inside of the box these two vectors make, right?

I really don’t understand :confused:

If the original value’s (CheckVec) xyz is between both Vec1 and Vec2, it should be inside of the box?

X: 738 < 826 < 895
Y: -1791 < -1575 < -1409
Z: -143 < -115 < -143

So why does it return false? In my gameworld my player’s position IS inbetween the two points…

The arguments are min and max respectively. All x, y and z must be LOWER in min than in max.

Just a guess, but maybe you need to define the min-x/y/z and max-x/y/z corners?

Mkay, I got it, I think, thanks.