Can someone find out the name of this server script?

Hi there ladies and gentlemen of the Facepunch community!

I’m quite stuck on something that’s bugging me and it’s the name of this script.
Those who have played on SantosRP or I think Hyplex would know what this is -
It’s basically a drag script on props where you can drag bodies, props or anything without a physgun.
It’s a little white dot with text saying Drag and a line going from the dot to the prop.

If anyone knows what this is then please tell me below!

Thank you!
~ Arkona

It’s custom, you won’t find it anywhere.

It’s on multiple servers - I don’t think everyone managed to write their own code exactly the same coincidentaly.

it’s on multiple servers because a dev leaked the gamemode

Stop bullshitting, it is on the workshop, more or less the same

There you go

Anal Bleachus


Thank you so much! I was starting to think it was a script on scriptfodder but I looked through all the pages with no luck. Again - thanks so much!