Can someone fix the nav mesh for bots on this Quake 2fort map in TF2? Or am I screwed?

Hello, I"m not really much of a mapper at all. But I took this old quake 2fort5 map I found on gamebananna and put it on my server, to see how it worked out. It didn’t get any publicity, so I added bots to see how it worked. I loaded up the navmesh, and added the bots, but in the RED grate, theres this spot where every bot tries to take the intel through, an they all get stuck. Example.

And they just run around in circles. If anyone knows of a way to fix this, that would be great. I’m lost on it, I’ve tried google. Nothing seems to help. If someone needs me to send them the map file I can do that as well if they need to take a look and see whats wrong.



Is that platform the bot is standing on something breakable?

Not that I’m aware of.