Can someone fix this worm?

DL Link: (fixed hands textures)
Original: (the hands have no textures)
Problem no texture (DIRECTX8)

The collision on the bazooka is also fucked.
Oh and a sheep texture leftover is in there too.

Simple fix for the textures:

Put them in:


Right now it’s in


I don’t get what you mean here’s how they look for me.
materials\models\worms\worm{all the files go here}

Hes saying you put the textures in WORMS accidentally, its supposed to be in WORM.

Yes you absolutely must review your typing in the QC and VMT files in case you made a typo somewhere. It happens all the time. On top of that, make sure your folder names match properly.

I finally got it.

very good, maybe I will do some posing with those worms