can someone get these models on gmod?please

i got these models from a friend:
i dont know if they are rigged or not…
they are 3ds max, maya, obj and lightwave files(for all models)
a dragon:



someone please get them on gmod

Got any pictures? What format are they in? Are they rigged?

We need to know these things you know ^^

Can’t be just downloading random rar files with no explination.

im also very curious to see how they look

updated the first post

Ah those models, they wont be rigged as they are from here: or at least i’ve seen them there when looking in the past. If they are rigged though they would be pretty good for ragdolling ^^

Edit: Hehe just noticed the watermark on the images :stuck_out_tongue: Seems I was right.

so u cant get them on gmod?
…and sorry about the watermark

They probberly could be but if they aren’t rigged it will take someone quite a while to get them in a state where they could be ported as ragdolls.

damn, i really, really hope someone makes a ragdoll out of that dragon. whoever does will be my hero

You rang?

Also my failed attempt at folding the right wing. (Hopefully will be able to fold in final state.)

Took forever to rig.

Reached the maximum bone limit of 32 bones. Originally had 36 but I had to cut back. :v: Will hopefully release soon.

Gmod needs more dragons in my opinion.

it looks great
finnally one more dragon on gmod

The 32 bone limit only applies to the collision model, you can have as many bones as you like in a model, as long as you merge them down for the collision model :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure you can have jigglbones on top of the 32 collision bone limit, but I will have to test it to be sure.

Edit: Also does the mouth have a flex there? or is it ragdolled aswell?

I thought the bone limit was 24…

Garry increased it in an update last month ^^ We’ve all been going crazy making things with many bones since :stuck_out_tongue: (sorta joking but not completely).

Couldn’t agree more. Nice work good sir.

O__O I didnt hear about this… when my sdk works again ill have to take advantage of that

It’s a separate bone. No flexes this time. I’m going to make multiple sizes so I’m going to save myself the effort of struggling with flexes (with the bigger models.)

Ah, good idea ^^

Oh wow look at this, It’s from the same site those models are from

What a nice looking dragon!

Alot of the ports from here are on there, I saw Zelda, Samus, Link and a couple of others the first time I looked there.