Can someone gift me Garry`s Mod? Please?

I dont have a credit card because of the dumb law in this county , im 17 (you need to be 18 here to have one) Reason im posting is because it`s 4 Euros right now , whitch is pretty cheap , but i cant buy it even though i have the money itself in my pocket right now… and no , none of my family members use credit cards (they dont need them) I will creepily stalk and rate hearts anyone who is willing to buy it for me , thanks. :3: (account name is villevallo488)

P.S. I used to play gmod 9 back in the old days (when it was a free mod), but then it became creditcard purchasable only... (gmod 10) and i had no choice but to quit because gmod 9 instantly became less popular. (no one to play with since its alot more fun with a friend or two)

bank acounts work. try clickandbuy. or Paypal. you can link both of those to your bank account(I myself use clickandbuy. never had any trouble with it.)

Dont have one , my parents give me pocket money (hence all my games are retail)

Do you have a Wal Mart where you live? You can always use that real money to buy a pre-paid card and put money on it as you go. It works just like a regular Debit card.

I just wish someone would gift me GMod… But yet again, that will never happen, due to the fact because I’m not “popular” around here… I would gift the game to you, but yet again, I share the same story as you do…

Oh come on, when I first needed a credit card for on-line purchase, I went into the nearest big town, and just searched for a place that did prepaid credit cards, eventually found one too. What is so hard about searching for something you need, rather then begging for someone to give you it for free?

Just ask your parents to buy it for you and give them the cash.

Go to CVS, Rite Aid, or a 7/11 and buy a prepaid card.

Well i too but the problem there are no prepaid-cards here in this dumb country :saddowns:

Or here :\

Same here, where do you all live?
It looks like only US and part of europe has pre-paid cards :sigh:

I live in bulgaria

There is a gift thread you know

Best way to do it. Or if you have older brothers that works as well.

Debit card?

Not anymore.

Like it was said before, give your parents the money, and tell them to buy it with their credit card.

Find a friend with a credit card or just don’t get it.

Use paysafecard