Can someone give me a bit of history here?

So, recently people at have been sending out DCMA to servers running PERP, saying that they own the rights to the gamemode and that people running it other than a select few groups are running illegal copies of the script, and want them to shutdown because they are causing harm to the Garry’s Mod community. Now, on one of the perp servers I played on, they say that it’s not the real Pulsar Effect, and that they just bought the domain and have no real copyright on the gamemode since the real Pulsar Effect shut down.

Now, if anyone knows what REALLY happened with Pulsar Effect, that’d be great, because right now, that server we played on has basically scammed $40 of everyone who bought VIP, including my friend who bought it a day before it was shut down by NFO from a DCMA from Hellzone Clan…

I’m believe Pulsar Effect’s story right now, because they say that have proof of the owning the gamemode.

All the info on Pulsar can be found here:

Nobody has the right to use PERP, it is all property of pulsar effect (pulsar effect roleplay)… However, I believe it was uploaded onto a certain website to which has been the source of all these version etc etc.
After it was leaked its went into a grey area about what actually ended it being closed. After that I believe recently it was sold to some group whom were nobodies. These nobodies renamed themselves pulsar effect and made a post somewhere on facepunch announcing “its grand reopening”. The thread and people were attacked and everyone was hating on them because they were not really pulsar effect but this other group.

In theory the people who now own it and are trying to have everything taken down have no right unless they are doing it with the official developer because they are not the original Pulsar Effect. Its going to be a massive grey area seen as its been almost a year since they started turning up (there is probably a release thread on FP somewhere). If the real people didn’t agree with it, they would have done something yonks ago and probably now most versions have gone through enough changes to be something completely different. Essentially the most they could do is make them change the name as by now it could be any version under any restriction.

It was shit anyway to my knowledge and merely an alternative to DarkRP which people believed made their RP server better by default. That really never has been the case. I only imagine this event is now going to cause everyone to point fingers at these people and cause even more trouble for them. They should have just come up with a different name… Good luck to them now.
**I just checked said website and every version of perp from every community that has been and gone is still on there even tho they are all garrysmod 12 compatible ones.

Thread About Pulsar Effect Ownership Change:
Thread About nobody actually having a clue who made what version of PERP when or who it was owned by if anyone at all:

On their website:

Owning a domain is one thing, owning the right to the content is another. Nothing is registered legally and therefore it falls down to intellectual copyright which is gunna be a bastard to do anything with after this much time has past. Nobody knows who owns or coded what version so its gunna be hard to say who can do what with it. TBH I think DMCA is a US thing so really it only applies there, however knowing companies how they are they don’t want the trouble so they will just take things down.

If someone called the gamemode ERP they couldn’t do anything because at the minute the only thing they can claim to rightfully own is the name and not even that is by proper channels. I could register the name legally now and have rights over everything even they own.

They probably bought the rights to the gamemode and the domain in a oner.

Go back to internet law school, you don’t get IP law.

See above.

The original owner of the IP was hunts. It seems he then sold the rights to whoever now owns They now own it.

A DMCA takedown request is a valid notification of copyright breach even when not in the US - as long as the respective country is one of the signatories in the Berne Convention. The DMCA law however, does not apply.

You don’t get IP law either. If I upload “Ame of Thrones” renamed from “Game of Thrones” to my website for free, HBO could still harass me legally. Why? Because it’s still the game of thrones.

You’re not a lawyer, please stop talking out of your arse. I’m also not a lawyer, but seeing as I’ve dealt with DMCAs before, I’m probably in a better position to talk about them.

Changing the name does not change the intellect property at all, especially if the group has a history of what they have written. This can take form in things even as basic as svn logs, git and so on. Theoretically in this case it could be traced back.

To the main point on hand, if they’re serving DMCA notices they have oblige when asked to provide the information that proves Hunts signed over any rights and that Hunts is also willing to testify that such a thing happened. If they can’t / won’t do either, the DMCA is void and the groups issuing false DMCA claims are liable for any damages.

Ok so both of you have now outlined how in the past you sent an email to a file hosting website which gave your name, address probably a picture of something and a line or two saying “I hereby acknowledge I am the owner or am acting on behalf of the owner of said property and to the best of my knowledge is property to which i hold the rights” yadidadida.

You have both now taken this out of context of gmod in an attempt to make it look like you know everything about everything. If you changed the name of the gamemode you would never know it was perp unless you went on it. Even then if you changed the hud and gui you are likely never to know.

The OP asked for the history, hes got the history. If he lost money and it was through paypal, chargeback.

We both run hosting companies that handle more DMCA requests and other abuse reports in a week than you have in your lifetime.

Reading that garbage almost gave me brain damage.

Moving swiftly on…

They have a habit of being like that, the “acquisition post” was worse.

PERP is shit, its dying fast because its dry as fuck. Who gives a shit
This one? It’s the only one I found.

Just what I would want to do after spending 4 years in college!



The irony that the official PERP server is one of the least populated and successful.

Ye i just noticed this, thats probably why they are doing it, get rid of the competition XD

perp is the cancer lord of the cancer which is gmod rp so any shutdown rp servers are good rp servers.

Now that’s DarkRP. But that’s a discussion for another day :stuck_out_tongue:

i got top laywer on the case

Grabs popcorn and waits for the show

Here’s the funny thing about this whole situation:
Venom(guy who got rights for PE and it’s assets) basically sold the community off like a cheap hooker to Hellzone under the respects that he, “needed to move on with his life” almost any admin which disagreed with the decision has either left or any player which flamed on the forums about the decision has been banned.
Another thing which is almost sad in certain respects is that most senior players already called out whats going to most likely happen to the Pulsar Effect community… In about five to eight months, the entirety of the PE community is going to be absorbed into Hellzone, all assets will be taken so that killslick can promote his little DDoS campaigns with ~legal backing~, and anyone who still holds some loyalty to wanting to start the actual PE Community will most likely be purged during the absorption of the community.
As the 2nd has already been done and the 3rd has already had ground work layed, it’s going to be interesting to see whats going to happen in the next few months.

Also in regards to Jetbooms post, as a Cultist of the Plague God, I really feel bad for the Pulsar Effect players which legitimately wanted to have their community back, and I wish you all luck in this uphill fight.