Can someone give me a key pls

Hey someone told me here i can get a Rust Key.
If someone can give me one pls pm me.

(User was banned for this post ("crap begging thread/didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Dude your going to get banned for asking…

ohh i’m sorry but can send me someone one key pls?

I’m sorry to say, but your probably going to get banned in an hour or so.

You should have read the sticky.

Whoever told you should get shot. They’re absolutely retarded.
They don’t hand out keys.

yez uk her u gt ur ky, et is liek dis: 666-s4t4n

hupe i liek the geme an enjei it vry mush. hev a god dey. :suicide:

Hate beggars !!

ohh so sorry.
A men in skype told me this forum

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where can i get keys?

And now you learn a valuable lesson in trust and gullibility.

Look for the thread at the top of the forum titled “HEY LISTEN UP READ THIS OR GET BANNED: Alpha keys and forum rules. Updated July 18th”. You might want to actually read it, since it’s clear you haven’t yet.