Can someone give me a link to the textures in this video?

at 7:03 those orange and gray textures. can someone give me a link to said textures?

I’m pretty sure that’s a texture hack.

oh… can someone remake those textures… as a solid and a glass…?

to me it looks like a custom texture with areaportals or blockvis or whatever.

Ah, Ph0ne :v:


I think I saw that in the dev textures once, although I may be wrong… Have you looked through all of them?

its a texture hack.

Sorta looks like the lightmap view grid…

I have never lol’d so hard to counterstrike. The icing on the cake

How can they use these hacks on TF2 and not get banned?

Unless they’re playing on a non-VAC server then why does that have non-cheating people on there?

those textures are property of METALSLAVE_noPE and you must request him if you are interested in downloading them

It looks insanely easy to make. Gray/Orange grid, slap on a gray color as the alpha channel, add one line to the VMT

Texture hacks are just modifying the game files, and aren’t necessarily a real hack, so VAC doesn’t count it. Otherwise VAC would ban you for simple things like custom models, custom textures, etc.

didnt even pay attention to the textures…vid is funny as it is