Can someone give me a models?����/pic/item/71c65bd5b31c87010c2bbf59277f9e2f0608ff23.jpg

I want to own the Germans in the picture, It’s the models of MW3

Can someone give me? My E-mail adress is cangqiongzhilian@yeah.netd

Sorry for my bad English

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oh sorry… my e-mail adress was wrong…

The ture is

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Oh,no. The picture was down that you can see it in����/pic/item/71c65bd5b31c87010c2bbf59277f9e2f0608ff23.jpg

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Or this


Holy shit triple automerge. We can’t even see the pictures.

Well try to find the pictures on google on post them here… wait are you gm_ghosthunt?

If you can’t see the picture please open the link and refresh

what the hell?

I have a feeling that we’re dealing with someone we all know…

He want these models:


You do realize that that takes quite a bit of time, right? There’s a whole thread(and then some) of people working on porting those models over. The thing is this is done on THEIR spare time. I’ve tried porting before, and it’s a pain in the ass. And that was just a PROP. These are props, vehicles, and ragdolls we’re talking about here. That only takes more of people’s valuable time.

Follow this thread. Those models will wind up there eventually, if at all. And don’t make requests in the main modeling forum. Requests go here, in a subforum titled “Requests”.