can someone give me please new accout hes not using it?

i really wanna play rust and if some 1 not using his accout can he give me?

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i was get scammed about account i lost 15$ i played for 5 minutes and then gone so if someobdy now using his account please post

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I’m not using mine.

I can too :confused: Guys, sory for my bad eng. : D
I very interessant this game, i must get this key : D
If you have 2, please :*
Thanks for Up :slight_smile:

Garry isn’t handing out alpha keys any times soon, so don’t get your hopes up. Only Gold Members have a chance at getting keys. I don’t know anyone who would give up a Rust account. They love it too much.

And garry disabled purchasing of gold because so many were buying it, I suppose he put his principle of keeping gold semi-unique above the hundreds more dollars he could of got from people buying it to try to get a rust key. Anyone want to place bets on how many weeks it’ll be before gold is purchasable again? lol

if someone has a key that he doesnt need please give it to me… i want to play rust so badly.
im looking at the forums every day in hope that i get a key.

Stop begging it is just irritating and will justblead to you getting banned.

Just enter the drawing contest

i doubt that my drawing is gonna win.

Is the drawing contest still going? I know people are still posting their drawings, but are keys still being handed out?

Rust has a bigger impact than I previously thought. It exists as a way to potentially teach kids the virtue of patience. Only those who don’t know patience beg n’ buy keys.

EDIT: To show an example of how I know patience, I’ve been waiting almost 2 years for Starbound to be playable. You don’t see me begging them to let me into their private test. I can wait as I’m patient.

Starbound is going to be great, I have been watching chucklefish since news about Starbound was first leaked.