Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to make a trigger-transition?

can someone tell me how to make a trigger_transition work?
Iev read the wikipedia article on it but it didnt really give instructions.
So can someone give me a tutorial or instructions on how to make a transition in source sdk?

You use it with a trigger_change level and an info_landmark. How is that hard?

ok, i’ll see if i can do it lol :smiley:
In outputs in via this input do you put add output?
heres the list of things in the via this input bar thingy
add output
kill hierarchy
Whitch do I use?


ok now when ever i get the loading screen i get this in the consle

 cant find connection beetween hl2ce1 and hl2ce2 

I never used those entities before, but I think you need to have all the same entities at the start of your next map too, but with slightly different properties.

Well you got to have trigger_changelevel both ways in both maps so the next map could basically return you to the old one.

ok well now it works It transitions me the next level but it spawns me UNDER the floor if i can ill post a pic but im either stuckin in the floor or I fall through the floor and die.
What should I do?

Move the info landmark