Can someone give me this model (ultimate team gsg9 for css)

hi, i dont have garry’s mod acount, and i cant get this model, was made by me, but i dont have it in my HHDD, please, can someone download it for me, and upload on mediafire or something :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("Asking for warez" - Dragon))

So it was uploaded by you but you can’t download?

yes, cuz i uploaded it when you didnt need garry’s mod acount :frowning:

why would you upload it to without Garry’s Mod?
What’s the point?

i uploaded it when you didnt need garry’s mod acount, long time ago

Well I think they were originally for CSS, since I see some of the texture files being named one of the guys on the CT team. He uploaded them before Garry got all serious and blocked away all the pirates, when there was no signing into Steam for, anyone was able to sign up and have a account without Garry’s Mod.


OP is saying he pirated Garry’s Mod, uploaded it when you didn’t need authorization, and now he can’t download his own file because he pirated gmod.

Well he makes CSS player models. I don’t know if he pirated Garry’s Mod, but I know he makes CSS models, although he should really get the game so he could download stuff himself rather than having us do that.

THANKS MY FRIEND!! and thanks all peaple for helping me :slight_smile: