Can someone help for modify Stupid TDM round system ?


I just want to modify Stupid TDM Round System.
I don’t know how to do that, but i want make Rounds end when one of team is alive, like CS.
The last team alive win the round and have 1 point. The team who have most of points win the game.
I want to make this with 15 rounds.

Someone can help me please ?

Thank you

You need a functions here:

  • A function to check if there are enough players
  • A functon for initializing the round (with all of the stuff happening)
  • A function for ending the round
  • A function that checks if one team has 0 active players left

Connect the dots, and voila! You got a basic round system

Thank you but i don’t know how to do that :huh:

An example:

You gotta try it yourself tho