Can someone help me find a decent printer addon that does not have a cooling system

I am looking for an addon for printers that do not have a cooling system, also that generate money at a relatively fast rate. I would appreciate it anyone could, thank you.

To tell you how I found it: I went on, and searched for printers, quickly read the description of the first one I found, and pasted the link here.

Thank you :smile:

Who the hell labels a nice reply “Dumb”.
Retards of facepunch.

I will label you optimistic!

Why don’t you get into coding yourself? I think you might find you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Just because someone is able to type some nice words and a smiley emoji doesn’t forgive them for being lazy. Maybe it was harsh, but there are so many dumb posts like this. It’s just a rating anyway so chill.