Can Someone Help Me Get The Server.cfg For Prop Hunt Please

hey everyone for weeks now ive looked all over the internet to see how to get the prop hunt server.cfg so i can run it on my server ive been looking everyone and i then resorted to going into prop hunt servers but they wasent exactly the nicest people when i asked if they could help me well very abusive to me actully just for asking for a little question anyways i was wondering if you anyone knew where i could get the prop hunt server.cfg i would be very greatful and it will save alot of time thank you for reading :slight_smile:

you’ll have a line called gamemode, and if you don’t add one in. Whatever the folder is called for PH which is located inside garrysmod/gamemodes, you put on the gamemode line. So for example

gamemode "prophunt"

sorry im abit confused cause i currently have ttt running on my server so the server.cfg is ttt stuff like end round time and stuff like that dont i need to have anything like that or do i just take the ttt stuff away and just change the gamemode to prophunt and it will do it for me

Hmm, it shouldn’t break anything if you leave the TTT config stuff, but I recommend taking it out, anyway

ok i will try that now :slight_smile:

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ok i just tried that and changed command line to load prophunt gamemode and restarted and went into the server and its on sandbox for some reason but i have everything set to prop hunt

Are you on a dedicated server or a web admin panel?

web admin panel

The server.cfg is not something you need to change per gamemode, you just put your command line

+map rpw_downtown_v3 -game garrysmod +maxplayers 16 +ip -port 27015 +sv_gamemode "DarkRP"

Make that the way you want and put in in autoexec.cfg in your cfg folder.

The only time you need to change that is if your changing the map, gamemode, ETC…

If that what you meant, you welcome, if not, I hope I helped at least a little…

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Wait wait, if your using a web panel, they should offer you a startup command line, so put it there, if not, what I said will work.