Can someone help me plz

i bought a rust server and when i try to give items its okay but when the name of the item have space like i can give hatchet but i can’t give Uber Hatcher how should i write this to works?

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Did you honestly make another account to evade your ban and ask this question a second time? Seriously? :v:

why don’t you give an advise before ban it was my first post and its just a simple question why anyone answer?

I didn’t ban you, it’s not my fault.

Can you help me with the question? everyone enter in the posts on this forum and only mark dumb instead of helping?

Here is the list of server commands with their syntax.

/give is listed with the proper way to use it.

Yes i see on that site but when i try to give a item with space like: Kevlar Vest i can’t because the server tells thats no item with the name Kevlar and when i try to write like:KevlarVest its the same error :s

Why do you even need to give out Kevlar? Let people scavenge it for themselves…

It was an example i need the invisible amor and the uber hacthet

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anyone will help?

Oh, this is getting pathetic. I can’t stand to watch this.

You put the item in quotation marks.

So, /give player “Uber Hatchet”