Can someone help me with a custom playermodel?

I made this cool playermodel. All original and in Blender as I was requested. Umm but it went south really fast after for some reason the custom textures never seem to load onto that model. It has UVs and stuff so I don’t know what’s up. The folders are right, the names are correct, I have both VTFs and VMTs so I don’t know and it seems to happen now with some more models I made. :speechless:



link the model files?

We’re not magicians. We can’t help you unless you post something we can look at. Post your VMT and QC code please.

Make sure the .vmt filename is exactly the same as the name of material in Blender. Also check for QC material path and see if the paths to .vtf’s in .vmt are correct.

Make sure the textures are defined in your model’s reference file (open with Notepad++ or whatever you use). To do this, look at your raw files (the uncompiled SMDs) and open up your reference SMD. As you look through the file, you should see the bones defined at the top. Start scrolling down and you’ll see texture file names. If you don’t see your texture files properly named, then your exporter failed to properly assign the textures. If that’s the case then you’ll have to replace those names with the proper texture names. I can upload examples later once I’m home.