can someone help me with the basics of mapping

i have never made a map for garrysmod before so i am looking for someone to show me how to make a garrysmod map and one more thing i can’t pay money.


google for tutorials, look at the sticky

people like you are never going to make a living in the world

I recommend either Half-wit or Interlopers

thanks guys

Here is a pretty good one I made a while back.

I have five or six tutorials up, and will post another this weekend.

great tutorial but can the maps you make work in garrys mod

Any map made for a source game (other than L4D) will work in Gmod.

And alien swarm.

awesome thanks guys

How did you get Garrys mod and HL2 or a source game?

Also… Dont release your first map, We dont care if you think its good, Its usually crap.

Check the Valve Developer Wiki if there are entities and stuff you need to look up, too.

And Portal 2 :pseudo:

hey im only a beginner so it will only be basic map, i gotta build up my skill oh yeah and you get source games and garrysmod off steam

Garrysmod is a source game.

No im referring to how did you get it… but you said before you cant pay money…

Wrong, Garrysmod is a mod based on the Source engine. Hint the game’s name is “Garrysmod”.

Source game means a game with source. If that is the case than every Valve game is a valve mod.


Even if Bly was right, it’s completely irrelevant to the thread topic and it’s only going to confuse the OP further.