Can someone help me with the wiremod system?

Hey, this is my first post ever, just got registered a few minutes ago to post this, so if I’m being ignorant of something already here please just point me to it. Anyway, I just got the wiremod and stargate systems last night. Actually, first, what do the ring teleporters do? Anyway, now I have all these wiremod tools and not the slightest idea of how to make them all work. I know there’re all supposed to work together, but the best I could do in that direction was put a detonator on a screen. That’s it. Oh, well actually I got a keypad to open a door. :stuck_out_tongue: I got some small things to display #s and make those change, like 0 to 1,with a numpad press, but that didnt seem to affect anything else. So since I’d assume it’d be far too complicated to explain here, could some just give me a link to an explanation or just give me or a general overview kinda thing of the wiremod system? PLZ!?!

Wire is something that you understand by action, but i’ll give you some basics. When using the wire tool and hovering the crosshair over a wire-able entity, a display box may or may not pop up that tells a function. If it does, then you can wire it to either another “display box” entity or a non display box entity such as a button.

Ring teleporters work as a sort of fast stargate that you don’t have to walk through. After you give it a “name” by pressing use, get a ring teleport controller and touch the ring teleporter with it. It should glow for a split second or so, this means you did it right. After touching it, you can put it wherever you like but I prefer to put it in front of the teleporter. Repeat this with another ring teleporter, and give it a different name. If you want to teleport, then enter the name of the teleporter into the display box that pops up when you “use” the control panel and you will go there.

I recommend playing life support to understand wire better.

This really helped me understand Wire. So did Orb’s tutorials, found here

As for the Rings, you spawn 2 of them. Then you get either the Hand Device or the Ring Caller (both are under the weapons tab), or you spawn a Ring Controller (or the entity tab, and you have to touch the Controller to the Rings for them to be linked).

Once you’ve done that, the Rings can either be used by calling the closest, or by calling a certain address.

Calling the closest is straight forward, it transports you to the closest Ring.

If calling by address, you have to set the name of the Rings before using them (press “e” on the rings, and then you can set the name).