Can someone help me with this decompiling error?

I’ve previously posted this in the wrong section. Forgive me people. I’ve seen the Flashlight model from Silent Hill homecoming. I’ve been trying to decompile the model for my personal player model due to the theme being the 1980s military.

Why am I so focused on this flashlight, you might ask?


It’s the only fucking military issued flashlight model out there!

Yet when I try to decompile, this comes up.

Any ideas on how to fix this, or what other program I can use to decompile the model?

The decompiler’s broken like that. You have to manually put in the directory.

I recommend Noesis for anything that doesn’t use bodygroups. It can open .MDLs and export them into SMD or OBJ or whatever you like. It can also open a huge variety of other formats, including VTF textures.

Thanks man. helped a bunch.

For future reference - you usually need to change the mdl files header.
When you open it up on a hex editor you will usually see a line that reads IDST(something most often 0) What you have to do is replace the value with a , (hex value of 2c)

The decompiler is essentially just knows how to decompile older models so you need to essentially spoof it somewhat.