can someone help me

hello and sorry to bother you i bet your very busy but i have a very important question to ask you. i have been having some problems with steam lately and i don’t know what to do you see i am trying to install grays mod the game of the store for $10.00 i can its just when i try to buy it it says “Your transaction failed because you are trying to buy a game that requires ownership of another game you do not currently own. Please correct the error and try again” i know this means i need a source engine game such as tf2 or portal but the thing is i do have tf2 i don’t have much money on me right now and i saw tf2 was a source engine game for free. so i downloaded it i updated my steam and then tried it again but same thing happened. i would really appreciate if you could help me thanks.

A working link to your Steam profile? Please.

TF2 is not supported since it gone F2P
You have to buy a source game
I recommend CS:S and Half-Life 2


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could i dl the demo

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of half life 2


No, you have to buy the FULL game. Stop trying to be cheap.

whats the cheapest source that works

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why would i be cheap i own the game for xbox

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i just need to know what game is cheapest

Half Life 2 is $10, CS:S is $20. CS:S is what i would recommend if you like roleplay.

i bought half life 2 hl2 ep 1 and hl2 ep2 and portal and team fortress 2 for 15$ for xbox

You have to own the games for the PC

I am going to go ragemode. Considering that NONE of those are on the PC, which you play Gmod on, it doesn’t fucking work that way. Buy the game/s off steam.

wait what about hl2 deathmatch

its $10, go mow a lawn or something.

The cheapest possible solution is to shell out $10 for something from the half-life series (obviously not including the first one or deathmatch variants). The optimum choice is to shell out $20 for CSS because most addons use its content. There is no other option.

dude i get $25 for mowing 1 lawn my bro and sis always steal the job first

You can get HL2DM for free if you have a nvida or ati card but it doesn’t full fill the requirements. HL2DM is fine when you pay for it but like I said, I recommend CSS and HL2

i want to use alot of npcs of garrys dl page which would u recomend for that

Once again, Counter-strike source.