Can someone help with curves/hills and lighting?

First off, if you’re planning on replying be prepared to be dealing with an ignorant moron. I just got hammer set up two days ago, and since then I’ve only had a few hours time to actually use it (my social life’s on fire :P). Anyway, I’ve come to the point where I want to learn how to make curved surfaces, mainly for hills. Also, I’d like to know how to make a light that lit up the entire stage. yeah, I know about the environment light entity, but when i do the lighting preview in the 3d camera the whole map is dark. If someone could give me a link or just tell me how to do either of these things, it’d be greatly appreciated.

lighting preview is unreliable at best. The only way to see the proper lighting in your map is to compile it.

First question: Displacements

@ your first line: Crap I expected as much. My computer’s such a pile of **** that it’ll take me like 30-40 minutes just to check the lighting. :’(

And thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


ohh yeah and can someone tell me how to make water? Well, that is if it’s that simple. If its more complicated could someone post a link please?

You’re welcome, feel free to ask away, there are few better ways to learn.

Ideally your map should take less than that, but i think trying to drill optimization techniques into you just yet might be a bit much. Live with the long compile times now, I suggest you get a cup of tea, read a book or go for a walk or something for a bit.

well actually I’m going to try to finish my map (really just a test) and check the lighting, then try to fix it so as to minimize the amount of times I have to check. And as for optimization techniques, no offense but I dont think it’ll matter much; my comp’s over 8 years old, and just loading a map can take several minutes. Anyway, any help for creating water would be appreciated.

Make a brush, texture it all in nodraw, pick the top face and texture it with a water texture (don’t pick one with DX07 or cheap or underneath in the name). For added bonus points place an env_cubemap just above the surface of the water.

There are some restrictions on water, it can only be tied to func_water_analogue as an entity at whcih point the material defaults to a “cheap” texture (no reflection or proper refraction) and the tops of al water brushes visible at once must be level unless you use cheap textures otherwise the reflections cock up.

:frowning: I warned you; What’s a brush? well, in hammer I mean, of course. How do I make one?

A brush refers to the basic geometry shapes you build the level out of.

oh. Well if you dont mind me saying, that’s a weird thing to call em


oh yeah and thanks