Can someone help with modelling?

Hi, I had some questions. I hope that someone can answer on it. (Model for gmod)

  1. I create a few animations for acts(like act zombie, inchat and other), but when I play them while walking, my legs don’t move. How to fix it? (Model contains only bones, that used by animations, i.e. only hands)

  2. I had bodygroup that contain 2 models with different face flexes. It possible to make flex workable for this models? (In one mdl)

  3. I had mesh from another model, but my mesh use another bones. If I copy vta animations for my model, they would work?

  4. I didn’t find guide that shows how to create flex animations in Blender.

If you don’t understand what i mean, I can rephrase my question. Because English - my second language.