Can Someone Hex My Skin Onto A citizen

I need my skin hexed onto a citizen and uploaded to megaupload. you will be credited.

and yes i AM a huge slayer fan


anyone please?


Cmon guys

I guess I’ll do it.

Why did you make another thread @.@

Yay thanks dude

These are actually very nice textures. Did you use Freiser’s Casuals as a base?

Because you are a Very Metal Fan i will help you…

Redman, I have this covered, please don’t be an ass.

Ah Slayer sucks.
EP2 eyes not included.

ok who do you like? the fray? cuz the fray sucks cock

Sorry about not uploading to MU, site’s a bit wonky and I don’t much care for it.

thats ok


awesome! i just saw the pic! its epic! is it uploaded/finished?

Nah sorry I don’t listen to Metal/rap/hiphop/rock/india/gay ass shit from the ghetto like you do, but nice try :slight_smile:


the only two things from that list is metal and some rock. who do you listen to then? mr. man-who-knows-everything?

I know everything? Do I know how to divide by zero? Nah. So clearly I don’t know “Everything” Smart ass.

you still havent answered my question. what music do you like? and if you dont know how to divide by 0 your an idiot

You need to calm down. You’re constantly insulting people and their intelligence, even for having a different opinion than you.

This scares me @.@

Now you see this is why I laugh at little kids like ChopStix. I doubt he even knows anything on about what I said. He is just mad because I gave my own opinion on his skin. All though it’s not personal due to being put upon He states he is 23 yet he acts like a little girl thinking he can get what he wants. And I may be going on and on insulting little kids probably because I haven’t slept, but he finally blocked me unless he is a immature dumbass to lie and not actually block me, but who cares. All I needed to say was…ChopStix is not 23 due to his other friend “PostalDue” being the same age and being so horrible at insulting he lied to say he has a friend, but really it was pretend. So please ChopStix gtfo. Now I’m done talking.


Also ChopStix your post truly shows how old you are due to saying I’m an idiot for not knowing how to divide by zero.

Division by zero is an operation for which you cannot find an answer, so it is disallowed. You can understand why if you think about how division and multiplication are related.
12 divided by 6 is 2 because
6 times 2 is 12

12 divided by 0 is x would mean that
0 times x = 12
But no value would work for x because 0 times any number is 0. So division by zero doesn’t work.

  • Doctor Robert