can someone hex these models???

you can find the models on this link:

it would be easyer i think in game to have them as their own props, that way you could pose him a lot better

i just want the moskito(as ragdoll)can u hex him?

That is not what hexing is

This is not hexing.

Hexing is taking a model that is already in the game and renaming it, so multiple variations can exist. This is usually done when a texture is replaced, or to make something not replace something else.

What you are asking for is compiling, taking a model from an editor to the game. Which is rather difficult, compared to hexing.

I cannot do it (I don’t have Max), but I’m sure, if you asked properly, someone would.

what is hexing then?

He just explained it to you @.@

hey silver do you have 3dsmax?

Nope, why?

can u try to get the moskito on gmod,please?

What’s that?

the model in the link^^
and go a bit down were it says moskito(there you can download it in max format)
or just go here: (its max format…)

Ah Rayman models nice, i’d love to port them but there in .max format so useless to anyone without 3dmax (as you said).

cant you open max formats with blender?

Nope the only thing that can open them is 3dmax as its a closed format (meaning they wont tell anyone the spec so no-one can make an importer for it).

you can download a free trial if you search it on google^^

The exporters/importers only work correctly on 3dmax9 and that one I can’t find.

…thats bad(stupid 3dsmax!!!)


cant u just open the file or must it be imported?

silver are you there???

3dmax could open it but i’m not getting a trial of it just to open a file ¬.¬ (got way too many already). Nothing else can open or import them though.