Can someone link me to JailRP?

I’m trying to make a JailBreak rp and don’t feel like making my own gamemode :open_mouth: lol can someone link me to JailRP? I know that it exists but I can’t find any download anywhere. Thanks!


“I want to hop on the Jailbreak bandwagon but I don’t want to put any effort into it, someone search for the pre-made gamemode for me please.”

that’s correct, i just made the server, downloaded the necessary files, bought a new router so that I could port forward, switched my anti virus because it didnt like any of it.

And looked for this for about an hour.

besides that I have put zero work into it.

and I wasn’t asking for people to mindlessly google for it, if they happend to know where it was then i would appreciate it. don’t be a bitch.

and P.S. who the hell says bandwagon? next time you say it then ill clean your clock and fix your wagon!

Congratulations on installing SRCDS and configuring your router! That must have been tough :o

Also, people with vocabularies greater than that of a third grader use the word “bandwagon” when necessary. Please don’t beat me up for not being stupid :frowning:

PS: Who the hell rates themselves agree? Next time you rate yourself I’ll clean your clock and rate you dumb!

Jailbreak isn’t that hard to make yourself, anyways. You could probably make it pretty easily with Fretta, since you really just have two teams with one class each: one Prisoners with no weapons, and one Guards with weapons.

i seem to remember you, where you on the TzC prisonrp server the other day?