Can someone look at my peach model?


I had done a Peach model from Mario and Sonic 2012, i have made a few threads already on it but here i am posting the link to the file

In garry’s mod it stretches out really far, can someone take a look at it and get back to me? Thanks

Holy shit stop making new threads about it

Seriously dude, you don’t need to keep making multiple threads about the same topic - we know that you have a model that’s fucked up and need help fixing it. If anyone is interested, they will respond. But that doesn’t mean you have to constantly make new threads for the same damn thing.

Katra and Pirate are right.

Aw man, I was hoping it was a model of an actual peach.


I have updated my model a bit more, still T-Posing but a better size now ill link it here in a bit and above too

I’ll take a look at it. I was having this problem the other day, not sure what I did to fix it though

[img] upload pics[/IMG]

Look at my peach model, just look at it!

yeah… so I’m gonna go ahead and redo this, cuz looking at the bones on this thing… yikes.