Can someone make a tutorial on how to make Serverside + Clientside versions for a map?

This is a technique used to protect maps from being stolen by ther servers. :toot:

I have a map I only want to host, I seen you can compile a serverside version with doors and a clientside version without doors. :smithicide:I am wondering if an experienced mapper can create a basic tutorial how to accomplish this technique. Can offer a free steam game :biggrin:


I don’t get what you mean by “clientside + serverside protection w/ and w/o doors” (you’d have to explain more), but you can try reading here which explains how to protect against the “unhacked” vmex version.

I know what you mean, it’s not very hard to do at all.
What game would you offer ?

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He means that he wants to have a map that on the server side has doors, but the client side does not. So what I’m guessing he wants to do is lock make all these doors open, then close them for the client side in some fashion. Being somewhat unexperienced, I have no idea. It might take a entity you make yourself.

could make a server-exclusive lua script for on map startup, unlocks all the doors. you can ask for help for that in the lua scripting forum if you want to do that

OP, please do not give out a game. Ask Firegod, he’s very generous, and would gladly assist you, I’m sure, without anything in return.

open map in single player
open console
type ent_remove_all prop_door_rotating

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Or you can make a copy of your map, open the copy with EntSpy, delete all the prop_door_rotating, upload that version for download. Use the original to host the server. They must be the same name.

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i want railworks dlc :v:

This is possible by 2 ways only.

First one: You will need a fastdl server. Compile map as usual, add it on server (in server directory/maps), then grab a tool named entspy and cut all doors/spawns/whatever, and save map separately, this will be your ‘fake’ map. Be sure to mark ‘save checksum’ flag. Then upload fake to fastdl, and set your servers sv_downloadurl to url address of fastdl. Voila!

Second one: Get a plugin for sourcemod that cuts out entities from bsp completely, and when server starts it restores them from .txt file. This is pretty advanced stuff, I haven’t messed with it.
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Couldn’t people add those back with Ent spy? How does the server differ them?

The server has them, the client does not. As all client-server interactions are connected, they appear on-server.

They would probably have to guess where everything goes. The clients wont have the map you’re hosting because you have the entities, while they have the map. Makes sense?

The mingebag clan had a way that basicly crashed your gmod with the error message.

“This map can only be run on the mingebag servers!”

What if they had an older version of the map, could they get the door positions and then add them to the updated (protected) version?

Anyone know how they did what Wizard is explaining?

  1. Yes they can with enough effort.
  2. Actually I think that is either lua script packed in a map(that gets neutralised by servers protection), or just point_servercommand with some nasty shit(That gets removed on server). If Wizard gives me that map or atleast fastdl of it, I will crack it/analyse what’s crashing.

That’s dumb. In fact anything that says “You can only play this map on my server” is also dumb.

I agree with your opinion that protecting shitty maps is dumb, but, when it comes up to professional entity work, I choose that kind of protection.

I’m mapper myself, and I make provate maps for my clan, and I espicially asked our clanreader to make something that wouldn’t allow players to have whole map by just downloading it off a server. I asked for that because I make things that use very tricky parts of source engine and I don’t want to see that stolen and used in every shitty map made by some vmex-crazy newbie. That happened to me more times than once and I want to prevent further entitywork theft.

If you still think that no trick is worth such kind of protection, I’ll give you short list of things like that:

-Proper prop_physics unparenting that saves physical properties
-Kill crediting
-New kind of effects(Exploiting functions leftovers has never been so fun!)
-Alot of uncommon and unknown entity settings

Sorry for not telling exact examples, I want these to be my know-how. You can call me an ass, but hey, I discovered these, I decide what I do with these.

So basically that protection is needed when you don’t want other servers to take your map or when you don’t want newbies to steal your piece of work that took you hell lot of time and effort.

Basically you open the server side version or original in entspy and delete the doors. Make sure you save the server side original version somewhere else just in case you overwrite it. A very important thing is that they both have to have the same MD5 Hash if they don’t it will not work. This is a very frowned upon thing in this mapping community and the only reason I ever did it was because I was getting paid 100’s of dollars a month to update a map for a community.