Can someone make me a king of red lions model

Its all in the title.


Its the red boat in the Wind Waker game for the Game Cube. I am sure someone can rip those models. I personally wouldn’t mind having a few of those models myself, such as the shield and that iddy biddy sword of Link’s.

@angel natavi

Here’s a pack posted by FluxMage;

It doesn’t have the boat in it, but it has the link model as well as his sword and shield.

thank you angel natavi for backing me up on this and yes thats the boat I want I do have the other packs but none have the boat.

Please anyone know someone who could make it or blah blah blah…

So anyone who wants The boat say so!!!

I have the model in my computer but I don’t have the time to port it myself. I can upload it though if someone wants to port it for me.

Y not just upload it the
if not send it to me

Because it’s not ready for Garry’s Mod. It’s still in a normal model format.

OOooh, the Normal Model format would be better for me personally. Ditto on the sword and shield, since I use them for my own animations and such using other programs.

And you are welcome.

So when will it be done?

Here you go:

Sweet! Now thats what I’m talkin about. Is there any way of getting his Master Sword?

Just rip it from brawl.

I can’t rip it from Brawl. Kinda hard for me to do any ripping other than paper atm, since I don’t know how, and I don’t know which programs to do it with. (Though, if I did, I’d rip the Great Fox and the battleships from SF Assault.)

How do you make the rar file into a model :confused: