Can someone make me a vid?




None of you 87, which I find hard to believe, members can do it?

Edit: I’m going to be completely honest with you, I was going to make a gmod video that featured black people yelling “Cracka motha FUCKA” at other people, and also had a jalopy barrel over a cameraman, but after editing and completing over 2 minutes of the video, I watched it and said … You know what? This is too good for a joke video, he will probably use this if I posted it up… So I didn’t. I’m now considering making a sister film to Atomic Riders, Artardic Riders or something, but IDK.

Sorry. Thanks for the inspiration to make another video. Appreciate it.

So you guys work at Rooster teeth?


I’m really tempted to do this.

So I will.

Done, upload time.


There you go :love:

That’s a nice video slice.

Wow that was terrible.

Hahahaha oh god this is hilarious.

I r have teh skeelz.

That was the best video ive ever sen in my lifetime