Can someone make me HUD and a player model?

I turned to you, the scripters and the modders because I am very dumb when it comes to both. I would be very appreciative of whoever could do this things for me!

I ask of you people to make me a HUD from the game, “Halo 3: ODST”

(This is an image of what it looks like)

I don’t want the outlining of the character and the enemies like in the screenshot, I want there to be the health bar in the top like in the screenshot, the ammo in the right hand corner, no gun icon, just an ammo indicator (like the default hud has) and the left hand corner would have a battery bar (if possible)

Player model wise would be the protagonist for this game (without the backpack)

If you make the player model, could you use a default half-life 2 skeleton rig so the limbs wouldn’t be too flexible (some player models have this to where when the character dies, the playermodel acts as it has no joints, as in another ODST playermodel pack I observed)

Anyone who could do either one of these, they don’t have to do both if they don’t want too, would have my many, many thanks. If I ever do upload these to steam workshop (implying I’ll be intelligent enough to know how) I will be sure to give full credit to the creators of these addons.

Thank you for your time!

Oh man I sure love that game. I wish I could make that but I’m just an idiot online lol. It could be possible to create a hud from an existing code and then just to apply your textures. As for player model or models they have one already and again if you just remap the textures etc… All that coding/3D modeling stuff. You’ll do fine.

I have absolutely no idea what any of that texture or code stuff means. :stuck_out_tongue: