Can someone make textures for my models?

You’ve probably seen the flak cannon thread in the models section - and I desperately need textures for it.
The guy I had seemed reluctant to do it , and probably is ,since he’s now removed me on MSN…
I’m hoping to get these released as soon as possible , as I have a coder nearly finished his bit , and a rigger / animator aswell.

What do I want you to texture if you are able to?
The flak cannon , obviously.
An olive-green texture -
Like this:

The flak gibs ( Probably just some chrome material)
The flak round ( Metal , scratched , with a base of olive green)
The Flak “pak” ( Ammo pick-up)

If you accept this , I will send you high res colour coded UV stamps of the weapon , and pictures showing whereabouts the areas are.
Thank you in advance,
Hemroid to any willing facepunch member

Now arn’t you glad I rehosted that image ^^

You could do the crome for the gibs with just a plain white square texture and an envmap (env_cubemap will do) and they will then be all shiney.

I’m no good at texturing from scratch though, but if you need help porting it into GMod (as in compiling) just ask ^^

Also I can possibly help with the weapon models, w_models are fairly straight forwad but v_models are much more complex (and need more anims).

I don’t need model help , we’ve already got the view model sorted. It’s only the textures that are holding us back.

Why change the colour, it looks good in yellow/mustard color?

that’s a reference picture , not a picture of the model. Refer to the flak cannon thread in the model forum for pictures of the model.

Are you going to give us the UV map or what?

isn’t it quite hard to get “paint” textures this is the best i cud do for my cod4 gloves with tatoo ^^ and i ported these from cod4 (opened up the glove file from cod4 and just copied to my css ones) surely you can do that for the unreal flak cannon or is that what you have just done?

Actually , it’s probably better to unwrap it yourself since then you’d know exactly what polygon goes where , without me sending you countless bits of information which would only prolong the time

I’ll give it a shot. I’m not great at these kinds of textures, but doesn’t hurt to try.

Send the model file please. c:

I love you
Private message sent.