Can someone modify this Bow SWEP?

Right, so, this is originally an AWP reskin, but I thought it was a bit disappointing. I also found some good sounds for it that would be perfect (Thanks to Iflip).

So, in this file, I’ve included the bow reskin and the sounds pack. Could it possibly be modified so that
A)The view model holds the bow right handed? (Prolly need to ask a modeler about that)

B)There is a world model(Doesn’t need much, Basically the way Wizey’s TF2 Huntsman worked)

C)not sure if this one is feasible Making it so that the arrow lands with the impact sounds, much like the HL2 crossbow?
Oh, and hexed would be nice.

Bump? Guys, come on. I know you can do it.

If I get some spare time, I can take a whack at it.

Thanks, man.

Damnit, Winzip is being an asshole to me

I can open the .Zip okay but that .rar is proving difficult


ZipItFree is the WORST program ever made.
Do not ever download it, ever.

Its free because it loads your desktop with offers and dumb shit nobody wants.

And it licks ass at opening .RAR files.

I’m saying this all, so search engines will pick it up when someone searches “Zip It Free”, “Zipit free”, or “zipitfree”


Also, they say its virus free, but im quarantining that shit.

Mother fuckers. I got a spyware virus from that shit >>>>>:(

Oh, fuck, I didn’t mean for that to happen. Should I just repack the file as a zip after I extract the .rar, then?
Here we go. I probably fucked up by zipping a .rar file in a .zip

Anyways, I use 7zip, so…


I havnt coded an arrow ever since i did my Elemental tf2 bow.

Been busy with laser sights and mw2 model animating.

Ill give it a look if i ever get bored nya.

Well, Nova said he’d look at it, but I haven’t heard from him again.

Yeah Im still working on it

Although if im not mistaken, Wizey already has a bow swep that works very nicely,
I’ll just post the hexed bow, and drop the code I was working on


Heres the hexed bow model and the mats
(code was dropped)

Fucking filesmelt, The .zip was dropped >:(

for zipping and making .rar archives, just use WinRar/7zip (:D), the trial runs out but it never uninstalls itself

i use Filefront for uploading files as i find it to be generally reliable in the short term