Can Someone modify this Master Chief player model?

I just want someone to modify the original master chief model,here is a link that has him,and afew of his vehicles because there is’nt a download I have found that just has him,I just want someone to make him a more Vibrant green,give him a green visor,and optionally give him a side attachment like the one carter has in halo:reach and make that stripe on his head Black.Basically I want a custom skin of it because looking at this old dark,dirty,green is getting kinda boring and none of the other ones have the same look as this one because he looks like he was actually just grabbed from Halo 3 and put right in there.

You, uh…you forgot the link there, buddy. :stuck_out_tongue:

-EDIT- Nevermind, you included the link in an image tag, which only hid the link since it doesn’t link directly to the image. This is what you were meaning to post. If you know how to work with Photoshop and the VTF plugin, you can just take this hexed Chiefy and adjust the colors accordingly.

I have GIMP,how do I edit his skins? :smiley:
I have a VTF plugin on it.
I want a player model,not just a ragdoll…
im not good with lua but I can paint him,if I figure out how to get a VMT plugin…