Can someone on the PvE server help me??

My house was greifed and i cant get out i need someone with C4 to come blow down a wall for me. I love playing the PvE server but i havnt been able to for a couple days because of this. I have all the recipies and would be glad to share them with the person who helps as a reward. Please someone help me!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the chat thread. again." - postal))

your best bet is to destroy your bed if you have one inside your house and then commit suicide, you can leave your items inside your house and try to get back to it when you remove a wall etc.

You will spawn in game wherever you started when you first logged in. you may want to consider placing a bed somewhat near (outside) your home case this ever happens again.

I’m not even playing Rust yet but I see a shitload of this sort of posting on here. Just stop playing for a while as it sounds like its just a douchebag playground right now anyway. It’s just going to happen again. Play something else until they get it straightened out. Sucks if you paid for an alpha key but those are the breaks with alpha games.

P.S. I’m sure the griefers love hearing the whining on the forum. These posts are their paychecks.

Just commit suicide (F1 --> type in ‘suicide’ --> Return) and spawn at a random location. Then proceed to gather enough resources to craft two charges and head back to your home to rescue yourself. If you are concerned about this taking too long and decay kicking in you can always intermittently commit suicide again and respawn inside your house to repair stuff.

Griefing other players is a very dishonorable thing to do but it’s part of the emergent gameplay and any attempt to fix it would take away from other emergent aspects of the game like building siege components.

Wipe to save the day!

Look on the bright side…if we didn’t have idiots doing stuff like this they would never think of fixing it =D