Can someone optimize my Hammer map.

Hi im looking for someone to optimize my map in hammer as I am making a map for l4d and its taking too long to compile any help will be appreciated.

if you plan on continuing to map you should learn from tutorials and do it yourself.

The best optimization you can do to decrease loading times is to convert any non-important geometry into a func_detail.

I’d also say it’s the easiest form of optimization as well.

I have looked at tutorials I have learnt all about optimization but my concerns are with visleafs cutting in particular i understand how they work but to acctualey cut them in my map in a useful way is hard because from what ive learnt cutting visleafs is something that you have to have experience with and just have to sort of know by intuition but looking at my map I dont know where to start and what will be worth doing to speed up compile and what will just slow it down

Would recommend making two versions of your map and messing around on one, but that obviously takes time, and if there’s mistakes, you may have just wasted some time [shrug], or learned something, I dunno

You won’t learn unless you try. If it means your map isn’t ready for another month, then it doesn’t matter, it will take another month to make. And maybe, after that month, you might learn something else that you can improve on. And on it goes, always learning, always improving.

First you’ll notice hammer has a huge grid, with 4 sections (each seperated by a different shade grid meeting at the centre). Try to keep your map in a single section of this.

Secondly, any item tied to a func_detail will not cut visleafs and as such will hardly affect compile time if at all.

However because the func_detail doesn’t cut brushes into visleafs this means that light can bleed through you won’t notice it on anything small-medium size, but if you used it for something huge, such as a wall. Then you will notice it.

Thirdly: Any stairs (unless scripted) should be func_detail. Same with anything in the game which doesn’t close the gap between the player and the void or blocks the players path physically.

lastly: Read this:

Put hint in every doorway, window, holes in floors, etc.

not optimizing as in in-game, but he says compile times are long

and to that i say: get over it!
you have 2 optimization options:
make a map that doesnt lag like hell, and spend a long time compiling,
make a map that DOES have in-game issues, but have a nice, speedy compile.

but seriously, a large map (especially outdoor, large ones L4D requires) will take about 2 hours to compile in the final, you CAN set vvis to fast or off, but ONLY for testing, the final compile must have vvis fully running, this may cause some other errors though

How to optimise a map… specific to hint brushes.