Can someone please convert my model to garry's mod?

So recently i made a model in sketchup to use in garry’s mod but i was unable to covert it
I tried everything i could but i was just unable

If you convert it you will get the full rights to the model so you can use it in maps n shit
Also be so kind and give me the link to it on this page

An image

This is the link to the model!Vpx3RaDZ!XOOvUR...gts3sCZzBGU1BQ

I hope someone could do this :smiley:

Oh and its the IBM sequoia System Super computer

So nobody is responding?

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That sucks -.-

Your post was very early in the morning for any of the NA timezones, especially for a Saturday. Besides, you only waited 5 hours. Calm down, silly.

Oh guess your right didn’t really think about that

Tried it myself for over 10 times :frowning:

I’ll compile the model, :slight_smile:

Send me the decryption key?

I acctualy dont know what that is lol

I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the decryption key for the file on Mega, the host that you uploaded the file to. If you want them to convert the model, you need to give them the key to the Mega page where they can download the file. Without it, they can’t get your model.

So, are you going to give the decrypt?

or if you have skype you can add me?

Here is the key XOOvURwlTGmifjjDO_6I4Th4u3NB3gts3sCZzBGU1BQ

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Is it a dynamic model or static or physics?

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ok, made it a static model and compiled it.

I messaged you the link.

Thanks man :smiley:

0.o, my comp crashed!

sorry man, no mdl