Can someone please explain what srcds is and if I need it?

Ok, I’ve been told I need something called “srcds” installed to allow me to play gmod online with my friend on my own server (because all the other servers on the list are either RP, foreign, or have thousands of addons that take years to download.

What is srcds?
Do I need it?
Where can I get it?
How long does it take to set up a server?
How easy/hard is it?
Why is hosting a simple game so damn difficult?

Google is your friend.

I googled it, yes. But the thing I found sounded like it was meant for dedicated servers. I don’t want a dedicated server, I just want to play with my friend. why is that so hard in this game!?

To host your own server, just use Slayer’s Installer.


If you don’t want a dedicated server, just click “Create Game” in-game.

I’ve tried that, and I made a seperate thread about that as well. I’ve given my friend my external IP address, and I’ve forwarded the ports I need to in my router. But he cannot connect. Do you know why this is?

Fuck that shit.


Steam website for download. You can find a few tutorials on how to set up a server.

I looked into that as well, but the tutorial said it takes a few hours to work!?

Why should I have to wait that long just to play a game with my friend -_-