Can someone please explain why there's a sudden increase of spam on


i don’t know what you’re referring to.

are you talking about comments?

Free Portal maybe? I don’t know.

oh god the mac users.
it’s the mac users

ha No i mean shit like this.

All on the front page too, mind you.

the front page doesn’t contain the most popular stuff alone, it’s also the most recent.

Oh yeah, there was an organized spamming plan there so those spammers could get famous. I guess he didn’t count on getting infamous.

What? They changed the front page back to most recent? That’s stupid, I liked it when it was most popular.

Its being called the Gmod Wars. Its something where people post crap that has no relavence toGmod what-so-ever. ignore it

Left column = popular, right column = recent

Also since the Garrys Mod team made the decision to register and confirm that you own the game to download add-ons, everyone now has an account.

Garry’s Mod Troll: “Hey look! An upload button!” Uploads random jpeg as an addon “hahaha!!! I’m so funneh!!!”

Thats exactly what happens.

Here is what happened:

I told him that his 99999999 damage SWEP auto-fire pistol is terrible.

He got butthurt and uploaded a background, then another, then deleted those two and uploaded a new one, then three more.

In each he tries to mock me, but me and all the other people mock him.

But he thinks he is a “cool kid” by uploading those backgrounds.

Still, he overreacted. You simply told him your opinion. This just goes to show why Garrys Mod is rated ‘Mature’. Shame many players are not. REALLY needs moderation.

Yeah, but in related news:

Frewp’s Profile (BANNED)

Thats one less spammer, good riddance.

Apparently when one person gets reported enough times - he gets banned.

Now spammers are going to report everyone…

mhm sure

Even if they do report somebody, I am certain whoever is in control will not just blindly click “Ban”, but look into the case.

I think they only look into reports if enough people report them.