Can someone please fix this ive been waiting for months and a mistake is going to make me wait even longer?

I went to the key sight and attempted to log in to steam, it told me to wait an hour then try again. Soon after
it changed and said I wasn’t able to log in to steam due to authentication issues. I thought the wait an hour was on the join dev preview button and its completely my bad for misreading. After reading it was an authentication error I tried to relogin to steam and now I need to wait 6 hours and am unable to do anything. I would like if someone could fix this issue as it was a mistake and I truly just want to map in this damn game already…

Many people who tried are still waiting. I’m also waiting 5 hours after my first 1 hour of waiting. But if you read the message there is just no keys available.

Yes anyone can now register to get a key but in the end of the day Garry probably isn’t giving out unlimited keys.

Just wait out the time and try again.

For anyone else reading this. Both buttons of the dev site “login using steam” and “join the developer preview” both give you a time limit. If you try both you might increase your time.

Don’t worry 6 hrs ain’t too long. Plus there’s plenty of us in this boat. We’ve waited this long, 6 more hours isn’t much by comparison.

I didn’t think I was going to have to wait 6 hours it said I wasn’t able to log because of authentication issues or I wouldn’t have tried again as it said it will extend my time. They need to add a timer or be a little more clear on the instructions. No shade to Garry and the S&box team I could just be an dingus.

Can you please add a timer or something, I closed the page and now have no identification on if I can request a key or not. Id really like to not have to wait 12 hours because I try 2 minutes before my times up. Is there any way this system could be made slightly more user friendly. Again no shade to Garry and his team they’ve done something amazing and I just want to be a part of it like everyone else of this forum…

Could you potentially go from when this post was made, I’m doing that.


I made this post a while after I attempted to get a key, If I went by when this was posted I could be 20 minutes to an hour too early thus making myself wait an extra 12 hours…

yeah, 10 hours remain for me…

I don’t understand what button I need to press and it’s freaking me out lol

It’s simple,
go here: Login - s&box & authenticate with your Steam account (you need Garry’s Mod purchased to be eligible for a key). You will either get a message that you got a key (it will be added to your library) or you will get a message like this which tells you to wait X amount of time. Try again after that time period is up.

Do yourself a favor, and better wait 2 or 3 days, Steam limits too much the free keys of a game without sales, and according to… I no longer remember if Twitter or the discord server, there are more than 5000 people waiting for a key, better wait for when all cool down.

It actually didn’t matter how long you wait, this is what happens

  • Attempt 1 fail wait for 1 hour
  • I wait for 2 hours just incase
  • Attempt 2 fail, now my timers set to 5 hours

It seems to increase with each attempt?

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I set a timer for 1 hour and tried again when my alarm went off. The cooldown was then increased to 5 hours. I didn’t refresh or click any buttons between when I tried it the first time and when I tried it the second time, so I was confused why the cooldown was increased.

Now I wait for 1 hour and 10 minutes and it stays on a 1 hour cooldown.

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Well I’ve to wait for a year to play…

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welp 43 days at least its not a year :unamused:




And I thought I was hard done by

:scream:you’re so lucky