Can someone please fix this ive been waiting for months and a mistake is going to make me wait even longer?

I’m like 165 in the queue. It started at 7000+, then went to 81, then to 92, then to 165 in a matter of ten minutes :frowning:

How do I check where I am in the queue

Hope it wont move for me

You have to use the top login button. But it might put you further back in the queue. I’m not sure.

Yeah I was concerned of that, but I’m fine just waiting lol.

I went down to 221! I can wait 9 days easily!

I don’t even know if this “queue” is a queue to get access to the game, or just access to the dev site.

I’m hoping it’s the former, I’m kinda going off the assumption that 11 days or so from now it’ll pop into my library.

Edit: Seems that it doesn’t move me back.

How did you manage to log in and not get penalized?

What the fuck is Garry thinking with this shit anyway? This system is fucking garbage, why can’t they make it straightforward at all?

On Twitter it says that Garry removed the negative impact for checking, just try not to spam.

It’s still increasing my queue, it’s broken.

Your queue can increase because people with more workshop content have joined, I’ve been pushed back to 725 which isn’t shocking since I have like 1 map.

In this case I’d prefer if they accepted people by Steam years of service and other reasons, it shouldn’t just be workshop contributions, there’s also playtesters and other people that could get involved in making this game better…

Damn, I only made a crappy physgun skin and I’m at 425, guess I got lucky.

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I think the reason they care about workshop contributions is that they want people farmiliar with the source SDK and source 2 stuff, it also tracks HLAlyx Contributions.

That makes a lot more sense now, thanks.

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Yeah, it’s actually quite a good system, but disappointing for me, because I’m sure my position is just going to skyrocket as gmod contributors sign up for the beta. It started at 81, and now it’s at 446 in a few hours.

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I keep getting pushed further back im at 1600 now but I get it. Just hope I’m actually able to start some projects in s&box soon.

Same here, starting to think I’m out of luck. Which is meh, hopefully I’ll fare better if there’s a second wave.

Edit: Just ticked over too 1000. rip

you all just have to be patient i guess