Can someone please help me hex my skin?

I’ve made texture and stuff, it’s just that I can’t hex it, whenever I try to hex it, It just shows an effect of the original male_07 model, please help!

what are you changing with your hexing? (this sounds suspiciously like an issue I have currently)

This is my first time hexing…

What did you actually change though, as if you can tell me it will give me an idea as to why it isn’t working for you.

I’ll upload some pics, it’s easier than explaining

You’re missing the .PHY file. You either forgot to rename it or didn’t include it.

Yea now I re-read the original post, your right if its an effect your missing the .phy (I don’t think I read it propperly earlier). Though you still haven’t renamed something right in the textures bit if its showing the ** original ** male_07 model.

If it’s showing the original 07 skin, then yeah something’s wrong with the materials.

So materials and models are fucked up, lol. Thanks so much for the help, i’ll go fix it now

There’s a probelm all my files are fine, take a look

None of your pics are showing for me :frowning: (all little red x’s)

Just copy the file adress

Loads up a page with a small red x :S

lol, well um im not sure what to do…

Pictures are fine for me.

Did you name your .mdl thomas7.mdl.mdl? :v:

Also deril01 is 1 more letter than Humans.

Is any of this a problem?

It all is. If the name you put in is longer than the original, generally the model doesn’t work at all. Also you don’t need the model to be .mdl more than once and it can’t be good for it.

So could this be the reason why my materials don’t work either?


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It’s not working… I’m losing hope… :sigh:

Don’t quit damn you!

Well, i fix all that you guys have been telling me, but then i get a Memory error or some shit, I just fucking give up. Can’t someone just do it for me?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue: